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Valley of the Moon Shawl

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Meet my newest shawl from the Valley of the Moon collection by Tolt Yarn and Wool.  


The collection is designed by the talented Shannon Cook, who has designed some of my most favorite knitted items.  Not only are her designs gorgeous, they're the ones that keep me intrigued and excited.  The ones that have me saying to my family members, "Just one more row....".  


This shawl is knit in Woolfolk Tynd, in color way no. 18.  It's this gorgeous mauve/blush/purple/pink color that is absolutely beautiful.  The color changes on me all the time and it's one of the things I love most about it.  Sometimes it looks pink, sometimes it looks purple and every time is looks perfect.  You'll see from the photos that it will look purple in one and blush in another.  I have to admit, I was a little hesitant ordering it because of this reason. I saw some sites that had it as blush and others that showed it more purple....well let me assure's both!   One of my favorite colors EVER!


Shawl knitting is so fun and relaxing, which is why I knit.  Let's be honest, I knit to relax.  I knit in the evenings to unwind and find peace from the chaos of the day.  So, when I have something like this on my needles, it brings me so much joy to pick up every night!


As soon as you've knit about 20 rows of this shawl, you've got it.  You're on to where you can sit and glance at the pattern every once in a while, and take off with it.  I seriously think everyone should knit one of these and if you're a beginner and want a lot of 'WOW' to a project....cast this baby on!  

Like almost every single project I've knit, I've learned a new technique.  This time, it was the i-cord edge and i-cord bind.   Both...super easy, yet adds this element to the shawl that is pure perfection.  There's just something about these subtle details that I'm falling in love with.  

Now, I just need to order my yarn for the mitts and hat too!!  Muah!!